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Campos Catering
Campos Catering

Exceptional and original catering

Web presentation

Campos Catering

Original event without worries

Campos Catering offers complete catering of excellent quality, including decoration, furniture, service with refreshments and service and accompanying program. All this according to the customer's wishes. With Campos Catering, every event can be exceptional, original and worry-free.

What is our job?

Reference design

Graphic design

Modern custom design

For quality implementation, it is necessary to understand the meaning and principles of the project and agree on the structure of the website. Based on this information, we will create a modern custom graphic design, which is the basis of our work.

Reference realization


From graphic design to the finished website

During the implementation of the project, constant contact with the client is the standard for us. How does it work? The client has a test version of the website available, which allows them to monitor the progress of our work. Thus, we can promptly respond to additional impulses already in the creation process and complete the work in advance with no need for subsequent adjustments.

Reference hosting


We're done and ready to launch

We use our own servers for hosting, which we carefully monitor. As part of the deployment of the website in production, we will arrange domain redirection and certificate settings.

Reference support


Reliability guarantee and possibility of expansion

By launching the web into the world, our work is not over yet. After handing over the project, we continue to check everything is working as it should be. We also guarantee the resolution of any error, of which we are immediately informed thanks to automatic monitoring. Also, do not hesitate to contact us in case of requests for various modifications or extensions of the existing solution.


On-line presentation of the company

The result of the work is a simple but modern and clear web presentation, which underlines the values of the company Campos Catering. The promotion of services is a matter of course for every web interface, but we spiced up with a few tweaks. On the one hand, it serves as a reservation system, offers the possibility of editing the daily menu and, for the webmaster's convenience, a photo gallery is connected directly to the Instagram feed Camps catering. This means automatic synchronization and photos only need to be in one place.

MadFox design

We take our work very seriously, same way as you do.