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Web applications

The end of box solutions

Do you need a web application exactly to your liking, and box-based solutions just can't fit your needs? Then you are on the right spot. We do not specialize in a particular type of system, we can do very specific things. Therefore, we can create an application with any features you can think of. There are no limits. Programming, however, is not sketching on paper and converting some interesting ideas into reality takes time. Do not expect that a custom design e-shop in a week.


Before the actual development, personal meeting is neccesary to to carefully compile all ideas and requirements into the assignment and create initial graphic mock-up. These meetings are held repeatedly until both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Only then do we start working on the project. We are not a company that expects the first try to be a final state of the web application without extended discussion and complete agreement.

Examples of web applications

  • Information system
  • E-shop
  • Reservation portal
  • Internal applications
  • CRM
  • API
  • Real-time applications

Cooperation process

How does the process look like?

  1. 1. Requirement analysis

    Let's have a Coffee together. We will discuss are your expectations, budget and deadlines. On the basis of our discussion, we will compile all the necessary documents sources that will enable us to create the initial project draft. At this stage, it is primarily the wireframe preview.

  2. 2. Design

    At this stavge we understand the intentions of your project and have agree how will the structure look like. We can now create a graphic mock-up. We'll send it to you for review and we will tune it together. This phase continues until you are 100% satisfied with the final design.

  3. 3. Agile development

    Can you imagine a situation have your apartment floor renovated but you leave for a holiday and you let tilers do they their work in a good faith, but when you return you find out that everything went wrong? And when you return you will find that everything went wrong? We simply can't. That is why our goals is to always have you in complete control during the different phases of the project develompment process. We always do our best to avoid situations where our and your expectations vary due to unnecessary misunderstanding. Take a part in the development process!

  4. 4. Project release

    Finished is ready to be released. It is stored on our very well protected and maintained server. This gives you the confidence that your site is constantly monitored and has the latest security updates.

  5. 5. Testing

    After the release of the project, it may seem that we are done. But we always want to be responsible and sure. 100% certainty. Even seemingly harmless errors can cause great user dissatisfaction resulting in decrease of conversions. Nobody wants that for a newly launched project. That's why our tester carefully tests the project. And not only before the release, but also throughout the entire development cycle.

  6. 6. Support

    Our work does not end with the launch of the project. We are your support; we host the site on our dedicated servers, and at the same time we are ready to further development of other ideas and gadgets that will take your project a step further. The whole scheme of co-operation is thus iterative.

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We take our work very seriously, same way as you do.